Quern - Undying Thoughts Coming to Xbox
Press Release

The highly praised puzzle adventure game is coming to Xbox One in the second half of 2019. The game that's been among the leaders of the First Person Puzzle Renaissance wave, has been claimed by fans as the spiritual successor of MYST.

The game is made by Zadbox Entertainment, a company of only four young developers.

Quern is a first-person puzzle adventure in which the player is set on an island to solve its mysteries. Throughout the game you must follow the hints of the past as you delve deeper into the story to understand the extraordinary nature of the island, the purpose of passing the challenges and the importance of your presence.


The players are incredibly satisfied, the game is rated very positively by the community.

The crowd’s reaction is extremely important for the developers, not just because of the heart-warming feedback, but the useful ideas as well. “We spend a lot of time watching gameplay videos and live streams to learn more about what players want to see added to the game and which parts need more development in terms of gameplay. We want Quern to be absolutely perfect.” - said the developers.

Twitch broadcaster GiantWaffle describes the game as “An amazing puzzle game." and recommends it to anyone who likes the genre.

Quern works well on live streaming sites such as Twitch because the viewers immediately become immersed in the puzzles when they see someone play the game. It’s easy for many people to be involved at a time since most puzzles are mechanically simple, which means the viewers can think about possible solutions without being able to directly control the game.

It’s excellent.

A great escape.

It will keep you hooked till the end.
Game Debate

With this release, the world of Quern is now perfectly controller friendly, meaning the PC version will also receive full controller support.

Quern - Undying Thoughts is Zadbox Entertainment’s debut game.

Daniel M. Poszmik - Game Design / Story / Graphics
Gergely Gulyás - Programming
Marcell Kerepesi - Music / Sound Design
Ábel Szakács - Sound Design

Quern started out as a dissertation project but it quickly grew into a video game with great potential.

When the idea of Quern was first presented to the gaming community, people immediately took interest and the game was crowdfunded during the summer of 2015. The Kickstarter campaign raised more than £25.000 with the help of 1372 backers.




Official Website: http://querngame.com/
Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/querngame/videos
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/querngame/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/querngame

Reviews from Steam:

"Quern is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. There is such a variety of really clever puzzles set in an immersive world. I came to it because I was looking for similar games to Myst and Riven. Quern is definitely on a par with these iconic games. Highly recommended."

“Quern is elegant, beautiful, polished, sophisticated, fun, artistic and surgical. I skipped two Christmas parties just to stay home and play this. I love it that much.”

“The graphics are stunning, the puzzles are fun, logical and fair, the atmosphere is incredible, the music and voice acting is wonderful... And the story is great too!”

“Wow, what a game. It was a great challenge, a beautiful world, awesome story. This really brought me back to that feeling of Myst, even more so than Obduction did. 10/10. Would love to see a sequel…”

“I see a lot of love and care put into this game, its world, and the puzzles within.”

"Probably the most fun i have had playing a game in years. Great puzzles, graphics and music!"